From not taking the COVID-19 crisis seriously and leaving us unprepared, to voting against vaccinating our children from deadly diseases, Orange County voters can not afford to re-elect John Moorlach.

His Anti-Science Ideology Is Putting Our Families In Danger

COVID – John Moorlach has extreme anti-science views and has left us unprepared for the COVID-19 crisis, repeatedly voting against funding for public health emergency preparedness, including pandemic preparedness, and voting to cut millions from the Orange County Health Care Agency and social services to spend more on the sheriff’s department. Moorlach is also an anti-vaxxer who has called vaccination of school children “totalitarianism” and repeatedly voted against protecting our young children from infectious diseases in our schools.

CLIMATE CHANGE – John Moorlach is anti-science, anti-public health, and anti-vaccination. Moorlach has repeatedly denied the existence of climate change, ignoring the growing danger of wildfires and sea-level rise and voting against environmental regulations while taking millions from big oil. He has repeatedly voted against funding for public health emergency and pandemic preparedness, telling us cynically to quote “lighten up”, leaving us unprepared for COVID- 19, and has repeatedly voted against protecting our children from infectious diseases in our schools, calling vaccination “totalitarianism.”

Career Politician, Hypocrite With Tax Payer Money

John Moorlach is a hypocrite who claims he’s a fiscal watchdog, but he’s just another career politician who spends taxpayer money on himself. He has taken one-hundred- thirty-nine-thousand dollars of taxpayer money in personal car expenses, and voted to increase his own county pension to over 90 thousand a year, which he still takes while collecting a full-time salary as a state legislator. Moorlach spent almost two-hundred-thousand dollars renovating his office while the state was cutting education and health care.

Trump Supporter, No Matter What

John Moorlach is out of step with the people in our district. Moorlach endorsed Donald Trump and introduced a California resolution welcoming Trump to the Presidency. Moorlach’s chief of staff served as Trump’s state political director, and Moorlach continues to stand with Trump on every major issue, by voting against equal pay, against the right to choose, against affordable health care, and against clean air and water. It’s time for Moorlach to go.

Extreme Views

John Moorlach consistently puts his out-of-touch ideology ahead of his constituents. His extreme conservatism and anti-science views have led him to oppose age-appropriate sex education, to oppose vaccinations for school children, and to reject protections from discrimination for LGBT individuals, calling them quote “the oppressor.” Moorlach has claimed the science of climate change is not real and called vaccination programs quote, “totalitarianism.” His extreme views are putting our children and all of us at risk.

Hurting Women

John Moorlach has almost always received a zero-percent rating from Planned Parenthood and has repeatedly voted against the needs of women, including voting against equal pay for equal work, voting to allow companies to charge women more than men for the same products, against ensuring women equal representation in state government, against allowing women on college campuses access to reproductive-choice medications, and even against assuring that women can return to their jobs after unpaid parental leave.